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Parts Importers poor performance in the first quarter

May 5, the Ministry of Commerce of the Comprehensive Department published "China’s foreign trade situation report (spring 2015)" shows that in 2015, China’s foreign trade growth, especially exports have basic conditions, but the situation is severe and complicated, unstable factors, challenges and pressures are still increasing.
Sluggish external demand, the economic downturn, weakened export competitiveness, under the "BRIC" emerging markets such as Arrested Development situation, the first quarter of this year, export growth of automobile varying degrees of decline, facing no pressure. And auto parts, the view of the auto parts export growth in 2014 show a continued downward trend, auto parts imports and exports performed poorly in the first quarter of this year, China’s auto parts import and export trade volume in the first quarter of 2015 $ 23.667 billion, up slightly by 1.44%. Of which exports accounted for 66.07 percent, the trade surplus amounted to $ 7.606 billion.
■ Importers are highly complementary core components remain the Achilles heel
According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers finishing customs data show that a quarter of China’s auto parts import $ 8.03 billion, down 10%; exports 15.637 billion US dollars, an increase of 2%. As it can be seen, although the first quarter of this year, import and export of auto parts performance is not very good, but exports still better than imports.
From 2015 a quarter of China’s auto parts exports category, the top three are running systems, automotive electronics, body accessories and parts, exports were $ 4.563 billion, $ 2.722 billion and $ 2.074 billion. Of breakdown products, the tire is still running the system the largest share of export products, exports of 2.696 billion US dollars, accounting for 59% of the travel system exports. But in recent years, countries have on China’s tire exports to the anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, leading to a significant downward trend in tire exports, China’s tire industry restructuring, transformation and upgrading is imminent.
From 2015 a quarter of China’s auto parts import category, the top three are transmission, body accessories and spare parts, engine parts, imports were $ 2.717 billion, $ 1.777 billion and $ 1.042 billion. Data show that in 2015 a quarter of total imports of cars with automatic transmission (AT) for $ 1.64 billion, transmission parts and components imports amounted to $ 2.32 billion, imports are still much larger than exports.
  High-tech, high value-added automotive parts products has been the soft underbelly of China’s auto parts exports. Taken together, the import and export of auto parts in each category on the highly complementary, although the engine, transmission and other core components of growth has declined, but imports still strong, especially the engine turbocharger import large growth, the growth rate up to 18%. Automotive Parts core technology and products still need to attract the missing parts industry and enterprises attach great importance.
■ larger Europe and the United States import and export growth of small auto parts
Import and export destination countries from the point of view, the first quarter of 2015, China’s auto parts exports of the top ten countries for the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Malaysia, Brazil. Among them, a serious decline in exports to Russia, the growth rate of -47%, and Malaysia’s exports to Mexico grew larger.
In 2015 a quarter of China’s auto parts import of the top ten countries of Germany, Japan, Korea, the United States, France, Mexico, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Spain, United Kingdom. Among them, the growth of Mexico’s imported auto parts quickly, reaching 48%; In addition, the Czech Republic and Spain import speed quickly.
Taken together, the import and export of auto parts showing the destination country "In developed countries, mainly in emerging countries, supplemented by" in the market. In the first quarter, European and American auto parts import and export growth of small countries more quickly, which in recent years, China’s auto parts enterprises have to go out and explore the international market and take international development to some extent.
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