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M & A is a key component of the vehicle price?

Globalization is the localization of technology. Steam headed over Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM continuity of European and American brands price caused the domestic automobile market price, it can be said, reported the initiation of the first round of the Japanese Accord - Passat, do Keduominuo dominoes price "revenge"? This is the upward economic adjustment "surprising" new normal rules.
"Automotive News" in 2014 named global parts supplier for the German Robert Bosch, Denso, Magna become hundred three. Article 4 to 10 are as follows: Continental, Aisin Seiki, Hyundai Mobis, Faurecia, Johnson Controls and Lear ZF. CITIC Dicastal shares, Hong Kong Johnson Electric to become the world’s two hundred Chinese, the Japanese occupy three percent of seats. Is a technology patent decision ordering share position in the global market.
The global parts enterprises highlighted the international localization, birth exacerbated rule change in depth of capital acquisitions, especially auspicious Bory vehicle parts manufacturers using global standard throughout, on behalf of the private acquisition of Volvo after each a site of strong details in depth direction.
Factors People generally lower prices, then go to OEMs. But the real price trend is not due to make the first part of OEMs, but directly from the global parts factory for the Chinese market, domestic production down speed. Because their hands control of the core technology advances and retreats hub switch, "heating" of the long-term interests and to maintain the special nature of their respective technologies and market interest details.
2014, General Administration of Customs released data show: auto parts imports $ 32.152 billion, an increase of 12%. In imported parts and components, the car with an automatic shift transmission and parts import value in the first place.
March 5, the Ministry of Road Transport Division of the first disclosure of the 18 kinds of common models than zero integer coefficients, which Mercedes-Benz in the Soviet Union, tin, often three cities zero integer ratio of up to 1273.31%, of the purchase price of all the accessories you can buy 12 vehicles vehicle, repair parts industry monopoly profits caused an uproar. Piling whole than the second released 18 models, 15 models than zero integer factor of over 300%. Last July 26, FAW-Volkswagen Audi announced the reduction of domestic models of original spare parts prices, price Houao Di A6L "zero integer ratio" fell to 291% from 411%. Previously, Mercedes - Benz has also been reduced vehicle maintenance costs in the country, more than 20% price cut. From the vertical angle, peel the tip of the iceberg of monopoly industries. Since it was not open to equity ratio, the ratio of zero integer counter a vicious cycle from the horizontal angle.
Antitrust investigations prove relevant ministries, in January 2000 to February 2010, Hitachi, Denso, Aisan, Mitsubishi Electric, clover, Yazaki, Furukawa, Sumitomo and other Japanese parts companies involved eight Chinese market starter, alternator, throttle body, harnesses and other 13 kinds of products.
This confirms the fundamental aspects of the manufacture of deep-seated contradictions in the development of many local enterprises have not been fundamentally alleviated, as key base material, the core infrastructure components, advanced technology and industrial base development is lagging behind technology infrastructure, lack of independent innovation capability, a Batch deletion of key technologies and products, some high-end is still subject to import key equipment, a serious shortage of intellectual property protection, independent brand development lag and so on, these are the key issues to be solved.
Last September 15, ZF and TRW agreement. ZF to $ 12.4 billion in cash to acquire all the tradable shares of TRW. In the past 10 years, the world’s largest auto parts industry mergers and acquisitions. The two companies formed a unity means that $ 41 billion of the world’s second-largest auto parts supplier, and Bosch, Denso, Continental and other parts industry giants to become the same level of competition.
Can gradual integration Shanghai ZF TRW Asia-Pacific R & D Center and Asia Pacific R & D headquarters, has formed a large scale research and development team.
Last May 18, SAIC’s Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co., Ltd. and Johnson Controls Automotive Experience Co., Ltd. signed a global cooperation framework agreement in Shanghai. The two sides set up by the company holding 70% Yanfeng Johnson Controls holds 30% of the global automotive interior joint venture in Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. The new joint venture company to achieve the dashboard, deputy instrument panels, door panels, cockpit modules, console modules and other automotive interior products in the worldwide design, manufacture and sales for China, North America, Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, including global vehicle customers, is expected to occupy 15% share of the global automotive interiors. Yanfeng performance of the joint venture is expected to an annual growth rate of 6% to 8%. This is a joint venture of SAIC to further improve vehicle manufacturing through a series of start.
Last June, all-electronic through the subsidiaries in Germany to 14.3 million euros Puri assembly line developer IMA acquired the entire share capital and related intellectual property, raising 689 million yuan acquisition of Quin GmbH shares. Provide vehicle manufacturers and vehicles interactive products, high-end features steering wheel and interior parts assembly, to enter the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other important high-end customer markets, global supply. This is the perfect all-electronic through acquisitions beginning vehicle manufacturing.
With this, Zhuzhou Times New Materials to spend about 290 million euros to acquire its BOGE ZF Rubber & Plastics business assets, the two companies use advanced technology, basic and systematic effects on the market globalization of the industry into the international automobile companies supply system. All these acquisitions on behalf of the local parts bones strong direction.
From the platform strategy, the global association of the food chain of a single model and platforms, all the time because it involves important manufacturer of Chinese and global markets. Otherwise made in China would be meaningless.
GM is not the use of the public acquisition of the disintegration of Eastern Europe, "Czech Little Cannon" and the Asian financial crisis, South Korea’s Daewoo to become a "gold collar" magic, you swing the golf course and traveled domestic movie stars carnival? It was just the amount of conventional techniques of public relations? So, when a new round of price cuts in Europe and America brand reported the Japanese brand "revenge", only market conventional style contest. Because global parts further mergers and acquisitions is the root cause of the price of the vehicle. Globalization is the localization of technology. The localization of the car industry to accelerate integration, it is rather large autonomous newborn die.
Conversely, why this is not the price leader in the FAW, SAIC, Dongfeng instead? From the outside Li, Xu swap both assessment "spear" is assessment "shield", I can say with certainty that SAIC greater than "price" intensive combination of burst came out?

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