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Car materials innovation for the automotive industry, laying the foundation for sustainable development

Material is the basis of automotive products, China’s auto industry in key materials research and development, performance evaluation, advanced processing technology, infrastructure support and other aspects of data with the international advanced level there is a big gap, seriously restricting the transformation and upgrading of China’s automobile industry and the automotive Industrial power forward pace of development. How rational use of automotive materials, automotive materials technology development how? These are placed in front of the actual projects of various types of auto workers.
May 12, sponsored by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (hereinafter referred to as the Automobile Center), the Automobile Center Data Resource Center hosted by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, the International Iron and Steel Institute, the International Chemical Manufacturers Association, Japan Auto Parts "2015 (Fourth) International Symposium on materials technology vehicle" Industrial Association supported the organization was held in Beijing. The meeting of "materials technology innovation" as its theme, focusing macroeconomic policy trends, key aspects of materials technology, automotive interior air quality and hazardous substances carried out in-depth discussion and exchanges.
Strict environmental clearance is the only way for the sustainable development of car prices
In the new normal economy, the auto industry how to get out of a green healthy road cycling? Deputy Director from the Ministry of Energy and Resources Utilization Division of Workers 毕俊生 at the meeting pointed out that the sustainable development of China’s auto industry severely restrict environmental pollution, energy shortages, traffic congestion and other factors, the Ministry of green low-carbon cycle in the automotive industry development carried out, including actively promoting eco-design, to carry toxic and hazardous materials substitution process to strengthen pollution control, and vigorously promote the popularization and application of new energy vehicles, strengthen the work of passenger car fuel consumption management and other aspects. Among them, in strengthening the process of pollution control, regularly organized by the Ministry issued the "green auto industry development report", released hazardous substances and recyclable car utilization information system construction for auto manufacturers, green supply chain management conduct summary assessment, to promote the automobile industry production, consumption patterns shift to a green low-carbon energy security, improve the international competitiveness of enterprises related products.
Build a green supply chain, accelerate the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly guide procurement, production, marketing, recycling and logistics system, it is currently the automotive industry and many auto-related companies are actively promoting the work. Zhang Jianwei, deputy director of the Automobile Center, said automotive products is a complicated systematic project, including a wide range of different properties of hundreds of materials, a lot of the core technology breakthrough car, causes the material. He noted that in recent years, about the car of hazardous substances, air quality inside the car’s fuel consumption, emissions and product eco-design and other aspects of policies and regulations promulgated to implement the standard, car companies how to focus from a height, in the product design, production of all the process of fully implementing the concept of environmental protection, strict environmental quality, has become a business to meet the national regulatory requirements, social responsibility, the only way to achieve sustainable development.
Automotive lightweight is an important direction
Lift the automotive materials technology, always the lightweight. Senior Associate of the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) John German believes that the next generation of automotive technology, mainly in transmission direction, which is very important part from weight loss, which is lightweight factors, product design and materials will each half. For example, you can reduce the use of the power system and reduce costs. Especially for the use of new energy technologies, because if you reduce the weight of the battery pack can also reduce a lot of costs. In addition, simulation mode, manufacturers can optimize the material, shape, such as a car in other sizes and materials, but also can be secondary weight loss.
John German introduced, according to US standards, predicted that by 2025 the car has a 7% weight loss. The latest example is a 2015 Ford F150 progress of weight on this nation’s largest-selling models currently, 95% of the body is made of aluminum, 77% of the frame is HSS high strength steel, while achieving a reduction in the engine. Committee of Experts director automotive lightweight technology innovation strategic alliance (hereinafter referred to as automotive lightweight Union) Chen Yilong noted that car is not simply equal weight with lightweight materials, is not simply a technical issue, China as a car producing countries, lightweight car must materials technology and knowledge management from two perspectives. He talked about that, at the end of 2007, when the newly established automotive lightweight Union, China’s passenger car business is not the lightweight design as a part of, then the level of domestic car lighter seriously lagging behind in development in the world.
"Automotive lightweight not simply weight loss, but to meet the functional requirements of the product and the product under controlled conditions to achieve weight loss products." Chen Yilong stressed that lightweight vehicles three technologies - design, materials, technology, three areas technology to integrate applications. "Timber principle for lightweight vehicles, not who to say who is the best and lightest materials, the automotive sector there should be no such concept." Internationally accepted current two words are: "the right material in the right place, proper technique is used in the right place. "
From 2159 to the existing automotive lightweight Union sedan with 777 SUV, light weight coefficient analysis we can see, China’s passenger car weight loss should be more than 15%, that is to say to the entire passenger cars by 2020 It should reduce the average curb weight of more than 15%.
John German has a similar view, he believes that all car manufacturers through quality weight loss measures to achieve compliance, while achieving fuel efficiency and long-term development goals, for different manufacturers adopt different strategies, for high strength steel , aluminum, plastics, fiber and manganese, are very much the use of materials, and eventually they will find their place in the next technological revolution among.
The underlying database
Let harmful substances into control
In this seminar, in addition to lightweight technology, a variety of other key automotive materials technology, automotive harmful substances, such topics as air quality inside the meeting also had a full exchange and discussion. Even this relatively particularity retardant material material will have a significant impact on the automotive manufacture and use. Director of China Society of flame retardant, China Fire Protection Association Professional Committee of electrical fire Du Haiying, from the car fire statistics in 2012 occurred in the United States can be seen, the car fires accounted for 13% of all fire deaths of 300 people, injured The number of 800 people, property damage reached $ 110 million, an average of less than three minutes in a car fire.
A Statistics show that plastics used inside a car can reach 105 kilograms, accounting for 9.3% of all the material, close to 10%, and this proportion is rising. There are three main types of polymer --PP (polypropylene), PU (polyurethane) and PS (polyvinyl chloride), which in all material inside the material with the most, accounting for 66%. Du Haiying analysis, fire vehicles continues to rise, there is a very important reason for this - the current application of plastic materials for automobile great deal of risk. DU Hai Ying pointed out that after extensive use of flammable plastic material, in order to meet fire safety standards must be flame retardant, the effect of flame-retardant materials used in some fire into the car and aviation has played a huge role.
For automotive production and use of the whole life cycle of hazardous substances problem, stripped of harmful substances is proposed based on the center green supply chain management solutions. Steam Centre believes that the main responsibility as the management of automobile production enterprises should attach great importance to long-term planning efforts to strengthen the management and control from the following aspects: First, to build a sound management system to ensure ongoing compliance. Hazardous substances and recoverability rate management system, a clear job content and work processes responsible departments in product planning, design, development, procurement, production, sale of the entire process to join hazardous substances control requirements, and improve monitoring and measuring measures to promote management continuous improvement of the system, to ensure products consistently meet regulatory requirements. Second, the use of industry information platform, collecting data component material. Many auto parts materials and different target markets may have different limits for hazardous substances, such as all conduct harmful substances, expensive, huge amount of work, but based on the whole industry supply chain, based on industry information system vehicle Zero component materials data collection, can effectively achieve comprehensive, accurate and timely tracking and analysis of vehicle usage with international practices harmful substances and carry recoverability rate calculation, and reduce the burden on enterprises and meets.
Third, to fulfill the responsibility system and extend release "vehicle dismantling Guidebook."
The fourth is to strengthen the close cooperation of the whole industry chain, and improve industry as a whole "green" level. Automobile production enterprises should strengthen cooperation with suppliers, and promote the development of recycling and environmental protection and new materials better, to strengthen the alternative materials and technology to promote the application of recycled materials; at the same time, the establishment of dismantling and recycling companies, resources Regeneration close cooperation between enterprises, carried out jointly with the recyclable material vehicle determination, recycling technology, green dismantling technology, expanding the field of renewable recycled materials, improve the quality of recycled products, the formation of new green competitive advantages, promote green development of the automotive whole industry chain.
Zhang Jianwei also said steam in the center of the automobile industry in promoting green and sustainable development has been done quite a lot of basic work, including the implementation of and promote the management of hazardous substances cars, the average passenger car fuel consumption accounted for by automotive products and other eco-design Government commissioned projects; organized by the Centre in the steam automobile industry related enterprises set up vehicle materials working group of automotive management of hazardous substances and alternative materials common technology research, development and operation of China Automotive Materials Data System CAMDS, China Green car dismantling system CAGDS, automotive and other industries basic materials database AMASS underlying database, intended to assist China’s automotive industry with total solutions with high efficiency and hazardous substances control, so as to enhance environmental protection level of automotive products.
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