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ZHEJIANG SHINY AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO., LTD revision completed, welcome!

In 2015, the general manager of the company’s strategic decision-making and correct leadership of the joint efforts of all employees across the company, Shen Lin continue to deepen the internal management, further improve the quality of staff, development of new products and old products to improve and perfect in full swing, the company launched the internal forces of innovation and development mining boom, the company’s sustainable development laid a solid foundation. In order to meet old and new friends to keep abreast of the latest developments Shenlin Gong Division, especially on the company website comprehensive revision, now officially opened, the company’s website domain name change: Http: // also available through the search engine and click on "ZHEJIANG SHINY auto Parts Co., Ltd. "Home.
     Thank all the friends of ZHEJIANG SHINY AUTOMOBILE PARTS CO.’s Attention and support.

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